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Neptune Security Services and the divisions in which it operates as well as our affiliates and employees are committed to the respectfulness of customer confidentiality. That includes all information providing to the company from customers such as name, address, telephone number(s), fax number(s), e-mail addresses, and credit card and/or bank account numbers for billing purposes.

Generally we do not collect information pertaining to age, gender, ethic origin, religious affiliation, identification numbers, financial information, and/or health information including medical records. We will only ask for and retain information necessary for the performance of our duties to our customers. All customer information is regarded as confidential and is appropriately safeguarded. The only information we may request will be what’s necessary to perform our operations of service to customers.

All customer information is safeguarded and will never be provided to any third parties unless customer provides a written request which includes personal signatures for things such as insurer verifications. Customer information will not be provided without consent to any third parties unless its court ordered. We do not loan, sell, or distribute information about customers to third parties.

Neptune's Privacy Policy governs the strict control by employees and suppliers in the confidentiality of customer information. We limit access of customer information to both employees and suppliers on a need to know basis. Breech of customer confidentiality by an employee or a supplier is considered by Neptune Security Services to be a serious infraction of our Privacy Policy. Such infractions may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment or termination of a contractual agreement. In some cases Neptune Security Services may need to take further actions up to and including legal proceedings.

The Privacy Act states that you have the right to access your personal information and request changes to incorrect information. There is no charge to view your information. We will make requested changes to your information, however reasonable costs may be assessed to you for any direct costs such as photocopying or postage where applicable.

We will keep your personal information only for as long as it is necessary. When we destroy personal information we will use safeguards to prevent unauthorized access during the destruction process. If there should be any changes to our privacy policy we will post those changes on our web site so that you may be aware of the current policy.

Regardless of later updates we will not use the information you provide to us under this current policy in a new way without first providing you an opportunity to opt-out or otherwise prevent that use. Should you have any questions about our privacy policy you may contact us at:

  • Privacy Policy Officer
  • Neptune Security Services Inc.
  • 5995 Avebury Rd, Mississauga, ON L5R 3P9